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Social media platforms have become the prime channels through which companies engage with their audience. However, beyond posting bland updates on the business’ Facebook profile, it can be quite demanding and time-consuming just having to plan and implement quality content that would interest the company’s audience. That’s what professional social media marketing companies like KAFE, Inc. are in the market for—they will work with you to design and implement online marketing solutions for your website and social media so that you could focus on the substance of your business.

Here are some of the livelier options they might offer:

Social Media Contests

Inviting competition and challenging your audience to solve puzzles is one powerful way to get their attention. Experienced social media optimization experts can cook up a contest that would have followers checking on your page or profile in droves. The crucial test, however, is how to keep the traffic interacting with you and visiting your site long after the contest has ended. With expert help, your site should be able to keep the interest alive so that your business—and your customers—can get the most out of your promotional contests. Always make the game as compelling as can be, but keep the basics in mind: First, have a goal, even if it’s just as fundamental as increasing your followers by having them respond to challenge questions. Second, keep your target contestants in mind; focus on the demographic whose support you need to keep.

Customer Service Channels

In the past, customer service was limited to responding to customers’ calls and letters. However, with social media’s ability to easily put you in touch with your customers, highly accessible platforms like Facebook and Twitter make it possible to address customer problems immediately.

Some big brands, in fact, are already doing this. For example, KLM, the popular airline, offers a 24/7-customer service page, in ten languages, on its Facebook. That level of customer dedication invites customer satisfaction and loyalty. Your website should have an accessible channel through which your customers can bring their own issues to you more easily. Have a social media expert give you advice on how to implement this properly to ensure the project’s success.

Go Visual

Posting dull and uninspiring updates can drive your audience out of site fast (pun intended). Make your posts exciting by adding more visual elements. Pictures and videos catch the eye, and striking images make browsers pause. Posting unusual images of new products in different colors, and inviting opinions can get visitors to engage with you. Contact a professional social media marketing service to learn more options on how to implement your own social media campaigns.

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