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With Facebook, their advertising channels are based on DISPLAY rather than per SEARCH .
What this means is that instead of users having to enter in specific search terms or keywords, your advertisements will be trigger to appear based on the page content that the user is reading.
Another factor that plays a part in the advertisements that are shown to Facebook users is based on whether they “vote” for current advertisements.
You see, with every advertisement featured within the Facebook network, there is a ‘thumbs up’ icon that appears below the advertisement that allows someone viewing the ad to ‘vote’ for it.
If someone votes for an advertisement, it indicates to Facebook that they should display additional advertisements of the SAME kind (based on category, keywords and overall relevancy), ensuring the best experience possible for Facebook members.
As a Facebook advertiser, you will also be able to promote your products and services using images, a feature that is not usually available within traditional PPC marketing.
Images are an incredible asset in maximizing conversion rates because you can tailor the images used in your ads to push the “right buttons” or pull at emotional triggers that you know will have an impact on your average customer.
For example, if you were placing an advertisement that offered a teeth whitening kit, you could place a simple image of a “before” and “after” that offers the reader with a visual aid that leaves an incredible impression.
Images can ultimately be one of the LEADING motivators in getting targeted customers to click through your advertisements and explore your offer.
So, how can you start exploiting the popularity and massive outreach of the Facebook network to gain maximum exposure for your business?