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In today’s digital age, a solid online presence is essential for every business, brand, and content creator. As more people shift online to buy products or services and consume content online, it becomes ideal for establishing a solid and effective marketing strategy. 

This article explores the nature of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), its possible impact on your brand, and how you can reach millions of people through SEO. Learn how it can level up your online presence and overall marketing plan this 2023!

How does SEO work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help boost your website’s visibility in search results of major search engines through free and organic SEO strategies. It aims to increase brand awareness and brand recognition. It also drives more website visitors and converts ideal customers to consumers. 

If you come across Search Engine Marketing, this is a different concept. This focuses on increasing traffic and search visibility through organic and paid strategies. SEO works by optimizing content through specific organic processes like keyword research and adding inbound links to improve the content’s ranking and visibility. 

There are two types of SEO — On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. The former refers to the on-site techniques that aim to improve the relevance of a particular website in search engines that are within your control. Meanwhile, the latter focuses on techniques outside of the website to boost the brand’s overall ranking. 

Core Components of SEO

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SEO might be overwhelming if you are new to the digital marketing world or just starting to build your online presence through organic ways. To optimize your website, whether you are a business owner, handling guest posting, or managing individual posts, there are a few factors that you should consider while using either of the types of SEO. Let us start by understanding the three core SEO components to reach SEO success.

Technical Set-Up

Technical optimization, also known as on-site optimization, is a critical component of your SEO strategy. While you see colors, graphics, and text on web pages, Google only sees text. That is why it is essential to have an excellent technical setup, as it ensures that no problem will be encountered when Google scans and indexes your website and web pages. This focuses on enhancing elements seen on your website to increase ranking. Here are a few things you should keep in mind with technical optimization:

  • Set navigation and links to text-only
  • Keep URLs short
  • Monitor page speed or loading time
  • Prevent poor user experience by avoiding dead links or broken redirects
  • Create a sitemap and Robot.txt files to speed up crawling and indexing


High-quality and relevant content is essential when doing affiliate marketing or creating posts for your business or a certain brand. Whether through blog posts, guest posts, images, videos, or any content, search engines use the content to rank the page higher. Here are a few things you should remember to establish high-quality content:

  • Seek help from keyword research tools for relevant keywords and the best keyword phrases for your blog posts and captions
  • Avoid using black hat techniques or unethical practices like keyword stuffing, and monitor your keyword density
  • Ensure that search engines can understand your page’s topic and keywords with on-page optimization
  • Craft effective meta titles and meta descriptions, as these will serve as search result snippets. Always double-check to avoid misleading or wrong descriptions.


Aside from relevance, google and other search engines also prioritize popular pages. The ones responsible for this are quality links, also called backlinks. These are the references you use from other websites. Google uses the quality and amount of links for the website’s authority. However, while you link your post from other websites, remember to aim for link building. This means getting other websites to link from yours. Here are some of the different kinds of links that you should remember:

  • Internal Links or the links on your website that link to the other pages of your website
  • Inbound links or links from other sites that reference to yours
  • An external Link or outbound link is a link used on your site that points out to a page from another website
  • Broken Links or a link that points to a web page that can’t be found or to an invalid post 

Impact of SEO on Your Business this 2023

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Establishing an online presence may take a lot of work. But once you grasp the different digital marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization, you will see the difference, especially when you explore various SEO tools like Yoast SEO or other marketing tools like Google Search Console. When applied effectively, SEO has a lot of benefits for your business. Learn how SEO can boost your marketing plan and ace your Google Analytics reports.

Creates long-term results

While it may take time to achieve a higher website ranking, when you consistently apply different SEO techniques, there’s a high chance that you will continue staying on top of your website ranking game. If you use SEO and attain great long-term results, this will drive more profit to your business. 

Boosts website’s credibility

Google search engines consider a lot of factors when ranking websites. These include bounce rates, traffic, and reviews. When you rank high, customers will trust your business. This leads to establishing credibility. 

Establishes higher visibility

Achieving a higher search engine ranking means establishing credibility. When this happens, more and more potential customers will visit your website. Just make sure to avoid keyword stuffing and broken links to increase higher visibility of your content. 

Increase organic traffic

When your website ranks higher because of SEO, people will immediately see your website or content. SEO increases organic search because the traffic comes directly to the search engines where internet users have entered their search query. 

Allows synergy with digital marketing channels

While you can achieve great results with SEO, you can combine this with other digital marketing channels like Pay-per-Click (PPC), social media, and email marketing. Through this, there’s a higher chance of increasing website engagement and reducing bounce rates.

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Regardless of the quality of your services or products, your business might need to handle your digital marketing strategies well. That is why trying effective marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization is essential. Through this, you will reach a higher search engine ranking, establish brand credibility, and increase brand visibility.

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