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Facebook Groups as VIP Rooms

The magic of Facebook is that you can connect with people from around the world. For a growing business this is a gold mine of customers and potential consumers. But an individual doesn’t want to be another number on your number of “likes.” It is simply not enough to have a Facebook page with fans. You need to keep your fans engaged and make them feel special. People like to feel heard and Facebook groups can do just that.

You Have Facebook Fans: Now What?

Catering to many cultures and interests requires individual groups. A Facebook group is a tool every business can, and should, use to get to know their fans and turn those who are just followers into customers.
Facebook groups allows you to zero in on what your customers want. Groups are a set apart dedicated space, like a little room, where you share updates, photos, or new products that may be of interest to a specific target audience.
You can even set the privacy options for each group to reflect the exclusivity you want. You can choose between secret, private, or public settings. This allows you to let others see who is in the group and even see what the hot topic is. You are creating buzz and other people will want to be a part of the conversation! Essentially groups can help you create a way to manage your fans as you grow but not lose that personal touch.

Using Groups for Marketing

Groups are a great marketing tool. Not only are you keeping your customers informed about upcoming products or services – you can now ask questions and get input.
What a valuable asset!
You don’t have to go out and hire a team every time you want to know what your consumer wants. Sometimes you simply want a quick thought about a new idea or product. This is where Facebook groups is handy. Loyal customers can feel they are included as a company “family” and enjoy offering input. This also makes them want to try “their” product.
Groups can also be used to provide customer support.
Groups can be as narrow or broad as you want. For example, if you design perfume you could create a group for just musk or floral scents or a group to hold a contest for your customers to come up with a new scent combination or a wider niche group consisting of general favorites.
The possibilities are endless. As you work to grow your business you will find that your fan base may become more varied. Groups is a great for creating ways to stay organized without losing touch with who really matters – your customers.

Applications & Resources for Facebook Groups

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