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Is social media working for you? Many businesses may have heard and followed advices like “get on the social media platform” or “start tweeting for better sales”, but have yet to observe any significant result to their bottom line. If you belong to this category, don’t worry because you are not alone.

Many blogs, and marketing advisers make social media optimization seem like an easy task, when in fact it isn’t. Social media isn’t as simple as creating a flier and distributing it to passers-by. It’s called social media, because you need to be “social”; you have to interact and engage with people to achieve what you aim to do. Here are some common social media optimization mistakes, and how to fix them:

  • You Do Too Little – The top mistake that many businessmen make is that they seldom update their account, and only makes a post when a special event or promo is happening. Your goal is to accumulate an audience, and updating once or twice a month won’t get you there. Regularly create and share content to keep your readers interested. Make a few instructional videos, write some blogs, and start a simple contest every once in a while.
  • You Do Too Much – While there are people who do too little, there are also some who do way too much. Updating as frequently as possible is good, but make sure that with each update you are giving your audience something new. Repeating your earlier content and repackaging it doesn’t really count as interesting and insightful. Take some time to think about what you should say and make sure that it is valuable. There should be a balance of quality and quantity in your posts.
  • You Don’t Do It Properly – As mentioned earlier, social media is about creating connections and interacting with your audience. Your post should sound less like an advertisement, and more like a conversation. Many businessmen turn their social media accounts into a limitless advertisement page, which really achieves nothing. Whenever you create content, make sure to keep things open-ended so that you’ll have the chance to interact with followers. Ask for their opinions, read-through their comments, and reply to them as much as possible.
  • You Have No Idea – Some people just don’t know what to do, or what to write. Blogging is like conversing with someone; there are people who know how to keep conversations going, while others might struggle. If you’re in the latter group, then just hire someone to do the talking for you. There are many experienced social media marketing companies out there like KAFE, Inc. They can help you get the results that you need, without the additional stress.

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