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Measure your success by analyzing your bounce rateBounce Rate is a way to measure the success of your website. The ‘rate’ is the percentage of visitors who come to your site and then immediately leave (‘bounce’) instead of sticking around to view other pages.
Imagine having a storefront and measuring the number of people who come in, take one quick look around and immediately leave, versus the people who come in to browse for a bit and eventually end up buying something.
Your website’s bounce rate is a window into the effectiveness of your storefront to retain potential customers. Google Analytics is a great tool for seeing how many visitors have been to your website in the last 30 days, which pages they visited the most, and how long they spent on those pages.
Here are a few things to keep in mind as you use Bounce Rates to improve your website and by extension, your business.

High Bounce Rate can highlight areas in need of improvement

You may notice that some pages have higher bounce rate than others, some with extremely high bounce rates that indicate little to no retention of traffic there. Use this as an opportunity to work on that page, and attract more visitors! Whether it be by updating it, improving the content, or perhaps assessing whether that page is really necessary.

A Low Bounce Rate means a quality entry page

Landing sites/entry pages are essential to maintaining a low bounce rate. They are your storefront – what draws the customers in! A low bounce rate on your entry page means that it is doing a good job of getting visitors to venture deeper into your site, getting them to view other pages and learn more about your business. Maintaining a quality entry page with relevant information, links to other pages, and pleasant aesthetics is key to making sure you are retaining visitors for as long as possible.

Bounce Rate should be relevant to your business’ objective

A high bounce rate on a particular page doesn’t always mean bad performance. Think about what pages on your site you want visitors to pay attention to the most. The goals of your business’ website should be in line with which pages you want to optimize for the lowest bounce rates.
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