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No doubt we have been living with the times where we are experiencing the enormous rise of online eCommerce business. Can you think of an exceptional marketing strategy that works for your business

If you think you are already doing that. There is a lot more to build upon it. If you believe that the answer is No, then you are not making efforts to develop your branding efforts. In either of the cases, we need to look at how well we can pitch in with the right marketing strategy to boost the efforts. Agree? 

What do we expect at the end? Overall business growth! 

Let us also understand that marketing is not just about running campaigns and generating leads. It is a lot more beyond what you think. It is not just about selling, and it is about understanding and helping them grow with your brand. It is the perfect way to understand the persona pain points and help them get rid of them seamlessly with your product or service

When it comes to online business, there is no significant way of connecting with the audience other than with exceptional marketing campaigns. Here, are you utilizing your marketing efforts to the fullest? The answer is a big No. It’s because we all believe that marketing finishes with lead generation. The case is not valid for many businesses. Connecting and resonating with the audience is the natural way of doing wonders in marketing. Marketing automation is the best approach to get you there. 

Heads-up to online businesses! It’s high time for you to optimize your campaigns with an effective marketing automation workflow and trigger the sequence of emails that bring you results for your business with minor communication gaps, never miss deadlines, much more organized workflow and more. This will encourage the marketing team to hit the project completion even before the deadline and wait for feedback. 

Now the question is this! How do you optimize the marketing workflow automation for your business? Before we understand that, we must keep an eye on the different types of workflow sequences. 

Types of Marketing automation Workflows 

#1 Content Marketing 

The way you write content matters a lot for your business. So quality sounds essential at every phase of your writing. By publishing great content, you are trying to add more value to the reader or the prospect. So when you write, add value in every perspective. Plan, proofread, execute and validate.

#2 Email Marketing 

You can do wonders for your business with proper email marketing and automation. It becomes easy for you as you no longer need to spend too much time executing a task of its kind. An email marketing workflow can significantly help you take a long way through your business. While you configure the campaign, it is necessary to define the purpose, draft the right content, design it well and then execute it. 

#3 Social Media 

Many of us may find this sector a bit challenging if we have to execute the right campaign without a proper workflow in place. You must do complete market research and trends, identify the greyscale areas, and plan for the content and execution.  

#4 Paid Campaigns 

For quick results, you switch to paid campaigns. Isn’t it? But how you configure, optimize and run the campaigns matters a lot. There should be a proper workflow that helps you to arrive at the best bidding strategy. Setting up the budget and timeline and configuring the campaigns can be some value-added things you can set up. 

#5 SEO Process 

SEO may give you results a bit late compared to paid campaigns. But if done right, there is no better strategy than SEO. An optimized SEO workflow helps you pick the right keywords and get well-optimized content and high-quality backlinks. It encourages inbound lead generation. 

Now, here is the next level of it! 

Once you understand the different workflows involved in a business and its marketing wing, it is time to get a clear idea of optimizing the campaigns. 

Here are some ways to do it. 

Quick Tips to Optimize your Marketing Automation Workflows 

#1 Attract Subscribers 

Online businesses rely on websites. The first step you have to take is to get more people to visit your website and gradually add them to your subscriber list. Keep iterating with them. Immediately as they join the club, greet them with a warm welcome email and give attractive emails about your business. The crucial part is that you must be very keen on watching so they do not unsubscribe themselves from the list. The first impression always matters. 

With the marketing automation workflows, you can define the emails and the related triggers. Do not bombard their inbox with too many emails, resulting in junk! Instead, send a sequence of trigger emails at regular intervals so that you can maintain the level of responsive nature for a certain period. 

#2 Abandoned  Cart Emails

In online businesses, it is pretty evident that people may forget after adding items to the cart. It can also happen if they never look at the coach with already added items. In all these cases, there is a hook or trigger that would be sent to the customers/prospects to gain their attention and make them proceed with a purchase. 

There is a sequence of emails that trigger the actions. For example, immediately once you add items to the cart, after a couple of days if no action is taken, etc. 

Mostly, these abandoned carts may be because of price variations, quicker deliveries, product feedback or something related. So, reminding them of the incomplete purchase at regular intervals may help you get them back. 

#3 Nurturing Lists 

Not all leads that you generate may convert. So, what do you do with the information that does not convert? Engage with them through lead nurturing and make them ready for the purchase at some point in time. It would help if you made your brand stand top in the list of preferences they have. Email is one of the most acceptable ways you can consider nurturing. Configuring email automation workflows can help you well in this regard. 

#4 Building Customer Loyalty 

Your business exists because you help the customers. It is also evident that getting a new customer is much costlier if you do not retain the existing ones. Your customers can help you spread the word and let you acquire more. That’s the power of trust and faith. Make your customer an evangelist – so they can get you more valuable assets for your business. Building a good relationship at every phase is essential. 

#5 Configure your remarketing campaigns effectively 

When it comes to online businesses, generally, people visit websites but do not buy. Engage with them through personalized emails. Collect their information and groom them to build your remarketing list. 

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