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Online WebinarIn order to have a successful webinar you must first establish a purpose for your webinar. Is it to teach, train, inform, excite, impress, market or a combination of these aspects? Do you know exactly the products or services you wish to promote through a webinar? Do you have a clear idea of what to talk about during the webinar?
What is your product? — Believe or not some people who have a lot of information do not have a clear idea of what their product is. Before having a webinar you should know specifically which one product you will be promoting so that you can fine tune your message and get them audience excited about your product.
One idea is to bundle existing products that relate to one another into packages. Always create more than one package, one inexpensive, and one more expensive. If you have a large attendance there is always someone who will want all that you have to offer, while others will want to just stick their toe into your product offerings.
Who is your audience? — You must also know your audience or target market. It’s not everyone! you must fine tune and laser target your market in order to be able to give an effective webinar presentation. If your audience is full of mothers, make sure you are talking in words and examples that they can relate to.
If you’re talking to business executives your examples will be far different than if you are talking to stay at home moms who wish to work from home, for example. Sure some of the moms will also be executives, but all moms relate to “mom things” but all moms are not executives.
Sell or inform? — Your purpose of your webinar is to either sell or inform or a combination of both, but it is always better to go with the information aspects because most webinar attendees will not want to be involved in an extended telemarketing call. Instead they want to be engaged, informed and inspired to act by your webinar.
Creative Commons License photo credit: sridgway