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Carl Pittman for Harris County Sheriff - Campaign WebsiteProbably one of those more tedious tasks in your Internet marketing business, aside from bookkeeping, is remembering to measure the results from each campaign you send out. Tedious or no, it is very important to your success. Don’t just measure the results by looking at orders in your PayPal account but look at the metrics provided by your email list server, and if you ran a pay per click (PPC) campaign, look at the metrics of that too.
The information you’re looking for are conversions, whether that is sales, or newsletter sign ups or something else. Whatever your hoped for result is your conversion. Another thing you’re looking for is how much did it cost you? What did you spend?  If you were selling a product what was your return on investment (ROI).
You also want to study how many clicks you got from your efforts. Some clicks will result in actual page views, some will result in bounces. How do the two compare. How many clicks did you get before you had a conversion?
Speaking of bounces, this is an important metric to study as well. If you had thousands of clicks, but a bounce rate of 75%, why? Is something wrong with your sales page, your copy, what is causing the bounces?
Sometimes bounces are caused by page errors, so you must also track errors because the last thing you want it to spend money on a PPC campaign only to have tons of errors that skew your conversion rates and ROI. Everything could be perfect about your entire campaign, but if the technology is not working, that can mean disaster.
If you have a search on your page, which you should, what are your site visitors searching for? This is a very important tool to have. If you can see what your visitors are searching for you can make sure to offer them exactly what they need if they did not find it that time.
If you have a shopping cart, you should also be checking how many people are stopping their sale after they put items in the cart. Is it because they could not see the price in advance, and now that they saw the price they bail? Is your shopping cart working correctly? Is your shopping cart confusing to use?
As you see there are many metrics you should look at each campaign because without this information you cannot improve. In fact if you seek to change anything about anything looking at your metrics can also prevent you from changing things that already work too.
Creative Commons License photo credit: carlpittman2012