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An Audit: How Long Has it Been?

Whether you have never had a website audit or perhaps it has been eons since you have had one – you need to! Your website is up and running, and perhaps you feel it is getting traffic, so it must be doing well. Right? Let’s explore the benefits of a website audit and why having one done is absolutely crucial. Perhaps there are areas that could use tuning up to improve performance and optimized to turn visitors into leads and then customers.
There is so much to explore!

What You Are Missing?

One thing a website audit looks at is performance. When someone lands on your website how well does it perform? You know how you want it to look and the content makes sense to you – it’s your content. A website audit also evaluates your websites technical performance. Basically how easy can even a novice find information on your website and intuitively get from one page to another.
By now everyone has at least heard of SEO. But you may not be aware of any missed SEO opportunities. This is where an audit can really help your website. There may even be areas where some well-meant SEO attempts could be hurting you. Too much focus on search engines and not enough on actual users can make your website feel robotic. An audit can help you have well-rounded SEO opportunities.
What good is a website if you aren’t generating leads?
You cannot simply look at your website and know whether or not your lead generation and conversion is effective. A proper audit can do this. The purpose of a website is to draw visitors in and convert those visitors to leads. Without recognizing where there may be lacks in your landing pages you can’t optimize them to do this.
You only have seconds to convert leads!

Experience is A Must

Website audits need an experienced touch. It is especially difficult for someone who wouldn’t consider themselves much of a technically experienced individual. It’s best to go with someone that understands what you are trying to achieve and takes the time to listen to your needs. They need to have the know-how and experience in website audits.
Get back on track and find out where you could improve your reach and reveal the unseen!
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