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If you want to gauge your online presence, the first thing you have to work on is a web audit. From your website to your social media pages and directory listings, you have to check if your pages are optimized. You also have to determine if the user experience is helping your goals or if it’s holding you back from achieving your targets.

When you’re auditing your website, for instance, you have to consider its features and overall functionality. You have to check if it’s easy for users to navigate and land on the pages you want them to find, such as your subscription, contact, or order from. Aside from speed and ease of use, you must also check the quality of what can be seen on your pages.

For the content you produce, you need to check both “on page” and “off page” content or those articles on your website and the ones outside it (links to your pages, citations in local review sites or directories, social media posts, and others). If you lack any of these tactics, you can start working on them and using other strategies, such as participating in online forums and guest blogging.

When Content Is an Issue
Content marketing should be one of your priorities, especially since they have been proven more effective over clickable ads in getting returns for your investments (big corporations like Kraft Foods has a firsthand experience on this). However, it can be difficult to manage particularly if you’re a small business with limited staff or budget to hire a good writer.

When you don’t know what content to produce or when you encounter problems or challenges in creating content, an SEO company in Philadelphia can help create a competitive content marketing strategy. They can spot branding blunders and make the necessary adjustments to improve your online presence and engage your target consumers.

How Your Marketer Comes to the Rescue
The additional content you produce or optimize must be written with the user’s preferences and needs in mind. You have to capture their interest without forgetting to integrate your keywords and other technical tactics to improve the content’s visibility. An experienced SEO firm in PA such as KAFE Digital Marketing does this expertly with a team of professional writers and marketing specialists that will take your online presence to where you envision it with engaging, original content.

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