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It’s Not A “Bonus” or Add-On
Anyone who is treating search engine optimization as an optional add-on is behind the competition. Not to mention they are missing an indispensable part of their online market. Organic search has become a crucial part of every business.
Being not only found on Google but ranking high enough to be quickly and easily visible is important because that is where the search will begin and from where your traffic will flow!
Surprisingly, your placement within Google rankings is impacted greater by external factors!
When you have links from other websites within your genre, that hold prominence Google counts that in your favor. The more traffic from these links the better it looks for you! Right from the start, SEO should be woven into the fabric of your marketing campaign.
SEO is Not Your Customer!
It doesn’t matter how great your Search engine optimization is if your product is out of touch with your customer. Google is making a huge change, and it includes your customer’s feelings! Google cares about their business too. They will not keep ranking your site if your reviews are poor.
There is No Installing SEO Plug-Ins
Internal link architecture, navigation, website structure, information architecture, and much more are all included in technical SEO. There is no way to click a box and magically have all your search engine optimization fall in line.
Businesses everywhere are losing traffic and opportunities because leaders do not understand or lack the skills to dominate organic search. Experienced SEO specialists can make your business bloom by strengthening your marketing campaign and prevent pricey errors like slow websites from needless plug-ins and failing to audit your site.
It’s All About Data!
Understanding search marketing takes pre-planning and periodic auditing and SEO experience. You need the data and to get the data you need to do the research. You need an expert to research what kind of content you should have, where your audience is to focus your social media, and whether or not paid traffic can boost your reach turning traffic into paying customers.
Only an SEO expert can hit all those points and make your business stand out rather than sink to number 10 or worse. By combining the efforts of your PPC and your SEO experts, you are creating a powerhouse team. This is where you can make your budget work for you rather than watch your pockets empty into projects with little return.
Search Engine Optimization Won’t Fix Your Product/Service
SEO is for getting you out there and getting you seen and reachable. It is about making you approachable and keeping you at the top of your game. However, nothing can fix a product or service that simply is not up to par.
You cannot blame SEO if you simply are not producing what your clientele wants. SEO is not a Band-Aid for a broken product. Your SEO team may be working overtime to bring you to the top of search engines, and your social media may be rocking out some great content. Nevertheless, if your product or service is not at a quality, that produces good reviews – Google will sink you fast.
You have to trust your SEO team and listen to your customers if you want to rank in the top search engines in 2015.
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