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Customers are the reason that you stay in business. Getting a lead on your target market is not always an easy process. Building a list takes time and effort. One highly effective way to build your list is to take part in joint venture giveaways.

Sounds Good But What Is It?

The name makes it sound great but what exactly does it mean? A joint venture giveaway is an event where business owners provide free products in order to draw in customers. By partnering with other business owners, you are able to connect with members of their community and share what you have to offer. In turn, your community learns about the other joint venture partners participating.
Everyone loves freebies, potential customers included. Joint venture giveaways aren’t just any freebie. Joint venture giveaways are an opportunity to showcase what you have to offer. They are an opportunity to share your talents and skills with a whole new audience and therefore what you giveaway is important and should offer real value.
Joint venture giveaways are often created around an event such as a Telesummit or a particular holiday. Since the events we are discussing are online events, the free giveaways are almost always digital in nature. This allows potential customers to instantly receive your free giveaway.
There are many products that you can give away. EBooks and article packs are very popular and, if you are not a writer, can easily be picked up from a PLR site. Have you made a video? Recorded an interviewed you did with someone? These are all very popular and easy to pull together giveaways.

How You Can Participate

Joint ventures can be general or specific. For instance, some joint ventures are created to inform people about creating traffic for their website or how to get free publicity. Others might be more general such as self improvement or health. Be on the lookout and keep your ears open and you’ll hear about many joint venture giveaway opportunities.
There are two ways to be involved in a joint venture giveaway. First you can participate and get involved. Find out what is being offered, sign up and take advantage of the giveaways. You may find that you will learn about new tools, memberships and products that can help you in your business.
Another way to participate in a joint venture giveaway is to be a contributor. As a contributor you would be one of the many business people offering a free giveaway. In exchange for your giveaway, members are required to opt-in to your list. This is an excellent opportunity to grow your list and impress potential customers with your terrific giveaway.
From the highly recognized Internet marketer to a newbie, anyone can take part in joint venture giveaways if they are serious about building their list and growing their business. When you hear about a joint venture giveaway, step forward and ask how you can participate. While some events are closed, many business owners will be honored that you wanted to participate and welcome you to join in, especially if you have good content to offer. After all the more businesses who participate in the giveaway, the wider the audience that all participants can possibly reach.