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Website optimization Website optimization is something that most business owners overlook and it can cost you money by losing customers who click off your website or landing pages.
Optimization of your website should include everything from testing different headlines, testing different Calls-to-Action, to even making sure your website and landing pages are opening up fast enough so you don’t lose a potential customer.
In fact, you have about 8 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention before they tire of the page loading, or think it won’t load at all, and they click off and go to your competitor.
Moreover, when your website does load fast enough, you need to have a clear and unique proposition of value that hits the visitor quickly up front.
You should keep in mind that 96% of visitors to your website or landing page aren’t ready to buy anything. Web design is an important factor to make convinced and feel ready to purchase!
Here at Kafe Digital Marketing, we can show you how to optimize your website and landing pages so you can be certain you are getting as many conversions as possible.
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