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There are lots of reasons for a website audit report. In addition to being better prepared to run an SEO campaign, getting a website audit will also protect your website from Google’s algorithm changes. Google is continuously tweaking their algorithms to provide users with search engine results of ever improving quality and relevance.
Two of their major algorithms are called Panda and Penguin. Panda updates are generally targeted at sites with low quality content and Penguin updates are targeting web spam.
Many website owners, webmasters and SEO service providers who are using low quality and web spam techniques, are constantly slapped, seeing their rankings and traffic go down. Our website audit was modeled to take these search engine updates into consideration, which is why our website audit is so extensive.
You can always take the short route and do no website audit, and jump immediately into an SEO campaign, but what if you missed something and as a result all of your hard work and investment into an SEO campaign all went down the drain because you were not prepared for future search engine updates.
Instead of playing Russian Roulette with your SEO and website traffic, take action now and get your business off to a good start.