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A website is highly important for businesses to convert leads into sales. When optimized properly, it can continuously direct leads into your site and help you increase your revenues. As such, it is highly important that websites are properly designed and optimized to get you the best results possible.

It is not enough to just start a website, post some information about your business, and never update the pages again. In many ways your website is a reflection of your business, from the simple aspects like web site designing down to the content that you share, everything will have an impact on your chances for success. Furthermore, you should also make sure that visitors or readers will enjoy your site. Here are some tips that you can use to create a user-friendly yet interesting site:

  • Personalized Images – Using stock photos for a blog is alright, but using them on your main page and information page is not very ideal. Keep your website personalized, for instance, by attaching photos of your establishment and staff. Using real pictures shows that you are confident with your business, and your team, besides it might be confusing on the customer’s part if they decide to give you a visit, yet the office and staff look nothing like the photos on your website.
  • Responsive Design – The best websites always make it easy for the users to navigate through them. If your users are having a hard time reading your site on their smartphones or tablets, then you have already lost potential customers. When creating a mobile-friendly design, remember to make the font larger and the content less packed. This will make your site look clean and organized without sacrificing information value as well as user experience.
  • Simple – Gone are the days when websites would use glittery, flashy backgrounds and word-art text headlines. Opt for a simple and clear image as your background and make your text easily readable. You should also avoid using flash animations on your site unless it’s necessary.
  • Content – Create good content that you can post on your company blog page. Include some photos, provide links to related videos, optimize them, and regularly update your site.

It is highly advisable that you seek professional advice before making changes on your site. If you wish to make things a lot easier, you can just hire the help of an SEO company like KAFE, Inc in Philadelphia to do the website designing and social media optimization for you. This way, you can focus all of your efforts on running your business, while your website attracts more clients.
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