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Pinterest happens to be one of the newer social networking sites out there. It is a visual media site, focusing on images and videos. This site has been becoming more popular throughout the past six to twelve months and many marketers are beginning to make use of this excellent marketing tool. While the site offers many beautiful pictures, there’s more than beauty to this website. Brands and businesses can use it with great marketing results, especially as the site continues to grow. If you’re interested in using Pinterest to market your own business, here are a few top methods for beginners to get you started.

Marketing Your Business on Pinterest

Feature Your Business Name
If you’re going to get involved in Pinterest marketing, it’s important that you feature your business name on your account. This way you get as much exposure as possible. You can put the name of your business on your profile and use it as your username. This way people know what you’re all about. It’s also a good idea to include information on your profile about yourself and your company. Your profile can also include your website URL so don’t forget to include it. Use these areas to effectively market your business.
Connect with Other Social Networking Sites
Pinterest allows you to connect your account with both Facebook and Twitter. To enjoy the best marketing results, make sure you connect with those other social networking sites. When you connect with your other social networking accounts, it can help you to get more followers on Pinterest. Those social media icons that show you’re connected to Twitter and Facebook will also show under your profile picture so Pinterest users can go visit your other social networking accounts too.
Create Interesting Board Names
When you’re ready to start pinning on Pinterest, you’ll need to create some boards to put your pins on. Make sure that you create interesting board names. Whenever you pin something to a board, people will see your board name as well. This means you want something interesting. Of course, while you want to be as creative as possible, make sure you keep those names reasonably short. You also need to make sure your board name accurately describes the pins on that board so people know what to expect.
Comment and Like
As you’re working to build up a following on Pinterest as a beginner, you can make big progress by taking the time to comment on other people’s pins. You can also like the pins of others. This helps you to engage users on the site. In many cases, when people notice you are liking and commenting on their pins, they may want to start following you, providing you with more followers.

Grab Your Pinterest Primer

Of course, there’s a lot to learn if you’re going to start marketing your business on Pinterest. These are just a few great tips for beginners that will get you started. Make sure you take time to learn more about Pinterest, its benefits for marketers and how to use it for the best results. We’ve compiled a free report called “Harness the Power of Pinterest” to help you get a handle on Pinterest. You can get your copy by clicking here to get your copy today.