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The Everyday Small Business Needs
Organization is essential for every business, but for a small business it is crucial for success. As a small business owner you know all too well what it’s like to carry the burden of many roles within your company. The only way to make the most of each day is to stay organized. With some easy tips for organization you can make the most of each day, and be closer to a stress free week and a successful year.
A 5 Minute Start & End to Each Day
The first and last part of each day is arguably the most important. At the start of each day you will only need  5 minutes set aside. Take out a note pad (or tablet) and make a list. This is your opportunity to prioritize your day. Before all the distractions of the day and phones begin ringing and the many demands come knocking – write a quick to-do list.
Is there a vender you have to check with or an order that hasn’t come in? Perhaps there is a potential client you don’t want to miss?
Whatever you don’t accomplish today you simply add to the top of the list for tomorrow. At the end of the day you look over your list and take 5 minutes to think about what needs to be accomplished the next day. Make a quick to-do list for the next day. Tomorrow you will look at this list and prioritize it.
Set Time Blocks & Expect the Unexpected
The best way to stop yourself from getting off track during the day is to set time blocks. Once you have prioritized your to-do list, set yourself up blocks of time for these tasks. At the same time prepare for unexpected disruptions. Technology and humans alike can be unpredictable and sometimes life just seems to be uncooperative. Try to plan moments throughout the day that you can check in and see if you are running on schedule. If it seems your day is running away from you – readjust. You are only one person and there are only 24 hours in a day – breathe. Tomorrow is a new day.
If You Touch It – Do Something With It
It’s too easy to create clutter. Make a rule that if you touch it you have to do something with it! Either it gets filed or you have to act on it or it’s trash. Can it be scanned and shredded? Can it be filed away properly? Is it an email or phone call that needs taken care of? Completed deeds will make all the difference in removing clutter. Always look for ways to throw things away. Make it a goal at the end of each week to sweep through the office and look for what can be filed, finished, or tossed.
If something is especially important mark it with a red star. Draw attention to it! Don’t let it get lost in the shuffle.
Software is another way to remove clutter. There are many small business software programs available, from finance to simple office programs that can help you organize your business. Find the one that is right for you.
Keep Track of Right & Wrong
Even what you feel is a failure is an important step to success. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t. You will learn not to make the same mistake twice. When you do something right it will be encouraging to look back and see the triumphs that brought you success. These simple tips will keep you organized and keep you moving forward.
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