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Consultant ServicesIs social media still something you can’t get your head around? If you are a solopreneur running a small business and would like to incorporate social media into your marketing plan, but don’t know how to start, The Zen of Social Media Marketing is a great book to read. The author, Shama Hyder Kabani, is a very successful entrepreneur and founder of The Marketing Zen Group.

The book covers lots of information you need to know to successfully use social media in your business. Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for online marketing, how to build e-zines/newsletter lists, drive more traffic to your site, generate leads, pitfalls to avoid, how to build credibility with your customers and gain new customers, blogs and more.

In my opinion, this book covers no-nonsense information about social media and how to successfully incorporate it into your marketing plan. A great advantage when purchasing the book is that the author will create updates to the book on her personal website, the Zen of Social Media site, which means that the information will always be up-to-date.

Overall, this is a certainly a great resource for entrepreneurs starting to use social media, but wanting to do it right from the beginning.
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