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A website banks heavily on images to grab people’s attention. Being so visual, the design should be able to reflect what the business is all about in an appealing way. This is where the power of color comes in. Colors affect a consumer’s psychology by influencing their emotions and actions. For instance, if you always feel joy when you see the color yellow, then your mood may lift when you see a website in that shade. Understanding the effects of different colors in website designing will help you market your products and services better.

Blue is a popular color choice in website design because it promotes trustworthiness, peace, and calm. If you want your customers to feel serene and relaxed when visiting your site, as well as cultivate their trust, this color is an effective tool toward those goals. On the other hand, blue shouldn’t be used for websites selling food products because of its association to poison. Also, dieters are known for using blue plates to help reduce their food consumption.
For websites that have anything to do with nature and the environment, green is the best option. It emotes your passion for nature and the outdoors, while also highlighting eco-friendliness. Another use of green is to encourage creativity. According to a study, creative juices in people rise when they see flashes of green. This color is also ideal for call-to-action icons as long as it’s used with the “isolation effect.” Because the green icon stands out, people will be more encouraged to click the link.
To create a fun, active atmosphere, you may want to use the color orange. This stimulates confidence and physical activity. Because it exudes a certain energy, orange creates a sense of urgency, haste, and impulse. It’s a good color for “limited time offer” banners or posters so that potential customers can feel the urge to avail of the product or service.
Blue, green, and orange are only three in a range of colors you can use in your web design. The key, though, is to ensure that the shades and hues reflect your brand and the personality your business wants to promote. A website design and an SEO company serving Philadelphia can help you determine the right color combination for your business.
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