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The importance of working heuristicsMany Internet marketers have lists with hundreds of subscribers, maybe even thousands, but if these subscribers are not clicking on the links nor participating in the discussions, why are they still there?
In some cases this can even cost money due to the expense of keeping them on the list is especially large. Quarterly or at least twice a year go through your lists and clean them.
The best way to do this is to simply delete subscribers who have not read or clicked on any links on the emails that you send them in a year’s time period.  But, wait, there are better things that you can do than this before you click delete. Why not warn your subscribers that you’re going to delete them if they do not take action. Sometimes people like that will act if they have not acted yet.
The best way to do this is to segment your list. Segment your list putting all your inactive subscribers into one list. This way you can target these subscribers in a way that you have not previously. These subscribers many need a push instead of a pull to act.
Try an entirely new approach on these inactive subscribers than you have used on your active subscribers. It will be a great market test on more aggressive ad copy, different placement of links, and brand new approaches. Another reason to clean your lists is that you’re being forced to look at your metrics and performance.  I know it is boring, but honestly, you need to do this so that you know what is going on with your subscribers.
For instance, if you have an inordinate amount of inactive subscribers, meaning, if most of your subscribers are very inactive consider that your current advertising copy, and email copy, might not be meeting their expectations when they signed up for your list. Look back to where they signed up, read your first email to them, what did you promise. Did you deliver?
If not, quickly correct this issue and start delivering right now. You might be surprised at how this small change will help with conversion rates. The entire point of email marketing is to get some kind of return on investment (ROI) and if your list is not paying for itself, modify it until it does. If they have not unsubscribed, and you’re not going directly to the spam folder, you still have a chance to convert them.
It is important to remember that even if your copy is perfect, and you’ve done it all right, some people will simply just stop opening your email for no reason whatsoever. There are reasons for this, sometimes it is that your email is disappearing into the spam black hole, and sometimes it’s just that they weren’t interested to start with. Perhaps they were a freebie seeker and really did only join to get the free eReports or eBook that you were offering. This happens, if you try to reengage them and it does not work, then it is time to delete them off your list.
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