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Despite the fact that most internet marketers are fully aware of the value of social media to their marketing strategy, very few make proper use of StumbleUpon. This is for various reasons, including the fact that many see StumbleUpon as just a simple social bookmarking site where all they have to do is share their content and that’s that. Another common reason is that people are so focused on Facebook and Twitter, they feel that StumbleUpon can’t possibly offer similar results.
The fact is that StumbleUpon can offer great results, sometimes even better than many other social media platforms. This is because this social bookmarking community is designed to share online content and drive traffic to other websites. It’s not meant for people to have long conversations about what they are doing, like Facebook, nor is it meant to act as a quick communication platform like Twitter.
You Are Guaranteed Targeted Traffic
One of the biggest benefits of StumbleUpon is that you can be certain you will be marketing to your target market. All the people who will be viewing your links and eventually getting to your site are people who really are interested in the topic. The system is designed in such a way that shared links are categorized by topic of interest, which means they will be shared with people who have the same interests. You will find your conversion rate will skyrocket because of how highly targeted your traffic is.
It’s Easy to Get Your Content Discovered
When you share your content on StumbleUpon, you have to add a description as well as tags and keywords. This makes it easy for your content to be found because you can use broad keyword. In fact, it’s better that you don’t get too specific because unlike the popular search engines, there isn’t much competition. All the websites on StumbleUpon have been shared by the members, which means there aren’t a gazillion other pages for you to compete with.
Get to Know Your Target Market
Understanding the people you are marketing to is essential to building a successful business and StumbleUpon provides you with a great way to find out more about your target market. All you have to do is look at the lists of popular sites in your niche and the comments, which will allow you to see exactly what your prospects like and what they don’t. It’s a great way for you to learn what does and what doesn’t work, so you can tweak your site accordingly.
StumbleUpon offers the small business owner many advantages and it’s definitely something every internet marketer should be using. Thus, if you want quality traffic without having to pay an arm and a leg for it, then you really should be taking advantage of this great social bookmarking community.