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StumbleUpon Paid DiscoveryAs was mentioned in an earlier StumbleUpon post, this “sleeper” platform has a lot going for it. While not many people are aware of this, StumbleUpon has a great advertising platform for its members. Recently, it overhauled the system and improved it by leaps and bounds, even though it was great to begin with.

How Does Advertising on StumbleUpon Work?

StumbleUpon advertising is unique in that most people don’t know they are being marketed to. When you become a StumbleUpon member, you download a toolbar that lets you promote and vote for sites right from your browser, regardless of where you are. You also can visit various sites that are part of the categories of interest you selected when you registered by clicking the Stumble button.
When you click the Stumble button, you get taken from one site to the next, usually in order of popularity. The latter is determined by the number of positive votes the site in question received from the members. However, among these sites, they also insert sites that have paid for advertising. There are no banners, though, to warn members that they are visiting a site that has paid for advertising. The only way you can tell is because a small icon appears on the toolbar but most people aren’t aware of it.
The advantage is that people are much more receptive to your message because their defenses don’t kick in, which is what usually happens with a blatant ad.

What to Expect from StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

StumbleUpon Paid Discovery has taken things a step further. Advertising was cheap before, especially considering the targeted traffic you get, but now it offers even more. There are three different plans you can opt for, the Light, Standard and Premium. With Light, each visitor will cost you $0.05 but your ads will be served as low priority, which means you won’t get such engaged visitors.
However, with the Standard plan, you get normal priority and a higher level of engagement for visitors. Additionally, you have access to a wider range of reporting tools and analytics, which are essential if you want to maximize the benefits of our campaigns. The cost is $0.10 per visitor.
The Premium plan will cost you $0.25 per visitor but your site gets served as a high priority and StumbleUpon guarantees that you will get highly targeted traffic and engaged visitors, as well as a very high volume of traffic.

Last Thoughts on Stumbleupon Advertising Platform

While the Premium plan might seem a bit expensive, consider the benefits you get and then compare it to what you would have to pay for AdWords or any other PPC system. Clearly, StumbleUpon is becoming a critical component of any internet marketers strategy and if you aren’t using it to generate traffic, then you are leaving money on the table.