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More than likely, you already have a social media marketing strategy in place. However, within the past year or so, another social networking site has become quite popular. This website is Pinterest and it is continuing to gain momentum. This social photo sharing website has over 10 million users and allows people to categorize graphics, videos and photos. The great thing is that Pinterest offers some great SEO benefits. Many big companies are beginning to use Pinterest because of the following big SEO benefits it offers.

Benefit #1 – Great Backlinks and Referrals

One of the SEO benefits Pinterest offers is great backlinks and referrals. Whenever an image is pinned, it links back to the original source. This offers great backlinks that can also bring in some referral traffic to a website. You can capitalize on this by starting to post service and product photos on Pinterest. Just make sure you avoid blatant self promotion, ensuring that you offer your audience quality and relevant content.

Benefit #2 – Google

Content posted on Pinterest is being indexed and crawled by Google all the time. This means that using Pinterest for marketing will definitely have a positive impact on your SEO rankings. You can make the most of this benefit by making sure that you optimize your comments, pins and descriptions using important keywords. Even file names and pinboards should include important keywords if you want to enjoy the great impact on your website’s SEO rankings.

Benefit #3 –People Search with Pinterest

People that use Pinterest often use it to search for brands. When they start looking for products, is your brand going to show up on the website? If not, you need to start reinforcing your brand by using Pinterest marketing. When you establish a presence on Pinterest, you can build up your brand and make sure people are finding your products or services when they search with Pinterest.

Benefit #4 – Image Content

Pinterest offers a very unique twist on marketing, since this social networking site focuses on images. It’s easy to find videos, graphics and photos that you can use on Pinterest to market your business. Start thinking creatively about how you can build up a good inventory of photos that will take advantage of this visual social network.

Benefit #5 – Beat the Competition

Good SEO is all about working to beat your competition. Pinterest marketing offers you a great way that you can beat out your competition. Many of your competitors may be using the power of Pinterest already. This means you have to start using it to even be competitive with them. If your competitors aren’t using Pinterest, you have a big advantage. You can start building a good presence on Pinterest before they do, helping you to beat out your competition.

Pinterest and SEO – A Winning Combination

SEO is important for any business, especially one operating on the web. Pinterest definitely offers some excellent SEO benefits that you’ll want to make your own. Get started today and get your company up on Pinterest. You’ll be thrilled with the great marketing benefits you enjoy.