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Every end of the year, online marketing experts make bold predictions as to what the future of SEO and other marketing strategies will be in the coming year, and for the year 2015, professionals forecast a rise on mobile usage and content-driven marketing, which are expected to become an essential part of every company’s SEO strategy. On the other hand, only few dared to look further into the future of SEO in the next ten years, and SEO companies in Philadelphia are already beginning to prepare for the future trends that are projected to pervade the online marketing industry.

In his article for Forbes, Brent Gleeson wrote that, while determining certain trends and strategies that are to be prevalent in the next decade cannot be done with certainty (since these would always be subject to Google’s ever-changing algorithms), the future can still be seen by looking at patterns from the past. These patterns are then used as foundations to determine the future trends that might be seen in SEO strategies.

The Merge between Online and Traditional Marketing
In the past, SEO was mainly used to increase a website’s rankings on results pages, often resorting to shady link building and obsolete SEO tactics. In the years to come, SEO will no longer be concerned about the technical aspects of SEO, but will instead give more importance on the production of quality and engaging content, the main ingredients of traditional marketing. Having engaging and quality content will, in turn, provide more opportunities for link building.

Prevalence of “Banner Blindness”
The term itself says that more users will no longer respond to online display ads the way they did in the previous years. While display ads might still be of some value, they become more effective when coupled with compelling and valuable content, hence an in-depth strategy and research will need to be utilized.

State of SEO Today
These are just among the many fearless forecasts made for SEO in the next decade, and while it’s essential to know where SEO is going, it’s equally important to know where SEO is now. With another Google update affecting most business websites without a mobile-friendly design, the most important thing to tackle today is having a responsive and mobile-friendly web design. Fortunately, with the help of a Philadelphia SEO company, such as KAFE, Inc., you can have a winning website with an efficient web design that can cater to both mobile and desktop computer users, and allows for optimal user experience.

(Source: 7 Bold Statements About The 10 Year Forecast For SEO, Forbes, April 6, 2015)
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