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Yodobashi Camera Salesman If you have build up any size list it is possible someone has tried to turn you in to your ISP as a spammer. Luckily you are using software that keeps track of people who are double opting in, or who have purchased from you. Therefore, you can be safe that legally, you cannot get into trouble for spam.
However, I’m sure you have joined a list and then wished you did not join it because you find the emails from the person to be very spam like. There is one Internet marketer who sends out emails that say things like:

“Did you try to call me at 3am? If not sorry for bugging you, but someone called and I missed the call, if you did then click here.”

This is obviously not true, everyone he sent that to did not try to call him at 3am. This is an unethical use of the trust that person gave him by sharing an email address and opening his emails. This is very much like spam, but legally since I joined the list, it is not spam.
My point is, while your subscribers asked to join your list, and asked to receive emails from you, do not take advantage of their good will by doing such dishonest things as this. As honest and ethical Internet marketers we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Maybe we’ll miss out on a few dollars due to having ethics, but at least we can sleep at night, right?
The point is that you can, if you are complying with the laws regarding spam, you can easily defend yourself against complaints of spam by subscribers who have forgotten they subscribed or who do not totally understand the law. Permission based marketing is a special form of marketing and one that we should work hard keeping honest.

Creative Commons License photo credit: DavidDennisPhotos.com