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Missing Out Due To Paper?
At one time, using flyers, brochures, and coupons were some of the most popular ways to reach your local market.  Since the digital age has taken over, paper hasn’t had the same impact it once did. If you are strictly dependent on that same old way of marketing you could be missing out on some valuable tips.
Your dental business could be overdue for a much needed checkup!

Your Target Population Has Shifted
Many dental offices, and local businesses in general, still rely on the old ways of attracting customers. They’re hoping that someone will take the time to look up from their smartphone to read a billboard or flyer. When the need arises will they even remember you, or are they more likely to check online?

One study noted that 72% of internet users searched online for their health information. Google, Yahoo, or Bing are the favored search engine for 77% of those who searched. A whopping 80%  have looked to the internet for answers having to do with specific health topics.

Your Efforts Are Not In Vain
It’s not that everything you have been doing is wrong – far from it! Something is always better than nothing. You have been getting your name out there and word of mouth is still an important way to start building a reputation.

But the time to act is now!
Your clients and future clients are online searching for their healthcare solutions. Integrating online marketing into your dental practice will give you prime marketing real estate – Location, Location, Location!
If you are searchable then you can be found. Who uses the Yellow Pages when they can search at the speed of the internet?

You Are Not Alone
Thankfully you are not alone. You will start with a great website that catches the eyes of your future clients. It needs to be up dated regularly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. You have only seconds to grab them and keep them.

Your website needs to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO). You need to be found easily – Everywhere! Through articles, info-graphics, videos, and great reviews from loyal customers you will be at the top of search engines in no time. You need to create local buzz, be active on social media sites, and keep track of your online reputation.
One negative review can hurt your business. How can you make it right if you don’t even know about it?
It can all seem overwhelming. Thankfully, there are organizations out there that can provide all this for you. Monitoring your reputation, creating local buzz, SEO, perform a website audit (if you already have one), and much more can all be handled for you while you get back to what is important: Your Clients!
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