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For many people, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those terms we hear all over the place, but we’re not quite sure what it means.  Something to do with Google and websites, yeah, that’s SEO! Well not exactly, but if that’s the extent of your knowledge at least  you’re on the right path.
SEO services is actually a term that covers a lot of ground. Keywords is where it begins, but oh, the wonderful places that those keywords will go.  This week we’re going to concentrate on something called “On Page SEO.” As I’m sure you’ve guessed, we’re going to keep those keywords busy right on your web page — nothing too techy about that, right? Good, let’s now click our heels three times and take a visit to …

The Wonderful World of On Page SEO

On page search engine optimization is an extremely important part of the overall search engine optimization formula. Some people say it’s half the equation. In reality, it’s more like an entry ticket to compete.
Having your on-page SEO done well isn’t necessarily going to help you topple the #1 position for your keyword. However, if you don’t have your pages well optimized, chances are you won’t rank at all.
Consider it an all-important prerequisite to getting your website ranked on the front page. If you don’t have your on page SEO done properly, chances are you won’t rank at all.
The primary reason you want to do on page SEO is so that Google can accurately tell what your page is about. A poorly optimized page will seem like it’s about everything. A well optimized page on the other hand will tell Google exactly what the page is about, so Google can give you strong rankings for that keyword.
So now you have a brief glimpse into the world of an SEO professional. One of our first tasks is to make sure each and every page is optimized to its highest level so that Google starts paying attention to our client’s products and services.
In our next installment, we going to get a little deeper as we explore Terms of SEO On Page Endearment.