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As technology continues to improve it stands to reason that more people will be using mobile marketing and smart phone technology to promote their business and services. Gone are the days of the dinosaur home computer.
Smart phones and tablets can now contain more storage and information capabilities than much of the older home computers. A simple and small jump drive can contain over 8GB’s of information. Now imagine the possibilities with mobile marketing into the future with Google.
Google likes to keep some of their technology a mystery. As other companies like Verizon and AT&T compete with each other with their products and services, Google quietly works behind-the-scenes to improve things every day and has vowed to eventually dominate the mobile market industry.
As a business owner using Google cannot be ignored. Along with your smart phone technology they have provided a means to advance any business, and for those that take advantage of this will be way ahead of the curve for many years. It doesn’t matter whether you are a corporation of five people or 500. Google has opened up the equal opportunities to every business.
To learn about more of Google’s products (most of which are free) will take some time and patience but can bring your business into the forefront ahead of others. Many marketers already realize the value of being able to use Google tools and are leaping ahead of the competition.
No longer do people need to stand in long lines at the bank or post office. Technology has now opened the way for businesses to receive quick payments electronically. Google also realized this potential and has now incorporated a digital payment service too. The future we may be seeing Google exchange rates were all money becomes digitized for people willing to use the service. It’s definitely on the table!
Digital couponing is also something that Google is heavily experimenting with. There are other companies out there such as Groupon who are offering discounts to their customers, however without all the extra added services that Google has now incorporated, these coupon businesses may slowly fall by the wayside.
Digital coupons require no paper therefore it is cheaper to produce. People can now receive the same paper coupon services through E-Mail and Google mobile applications. Even the most challenged person on the internet, can easily learn the benefits of updating their whole business this way. The possibilities are endless and Google has a footprint everywhere now. Connecting your business to Google only makes perfect sense.
If you would like to learn more about Google’s mobile marketing system for your business in this free report.