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While placing a focus on garnering positive online reviews can be helpful, it is also important for small business owners to understand the importance of capturing mobile users when it comes to encouraging online company reviews.
Mobile phones have become more popular than ever, with millions of people in the United States owning and using a mobile device on a daily basis. Most of these mobile users are looking to take action right away because they are used to the instant gratification component of using their mobile devices.
When you encourage a mobile user to post reviews about their experience with your establishment, their feelings are still fresh. They are present in the moment, usually still inside your business, and more inclined to write a positive review.
When you give a customer time to go about their day and do other things before they eventually go home and get in front of the computer, they usually forget. Furthermore, the rush they felt immediately after doing business with you has likely simmered down.
By encouraging customers to post mobile reviews, particularly on mobile apps, you are also helping to expand the reach of your business. By leveraging the wild popularity of consumer mobile internet usage, you are instantly reaching a larger market of potential consumers.
On the flip side, when mobile users are looking for a business in your area, they’re usually out and about and ready to visit or call you right away. Reviews of your company are likely to pop up if you have any. But if you don’t have mostly good reviews (or no reviews at all) you may be losing those hot prospects to your competitors.
The good news is, thanks to the prevalence of mobile phones in our world today, getting mobile reviews is actually quite easy. Create simple to read and professional looking signs for your establishment asking your customers to post reviews right from their mobile phones.
You can place these signs on your front desk, in checkout lines or at a concierge’s station, depending on your business. Many times, when people are waiting in line, they will be using their phones already and will be more inclined to post a positive review of their experience.
QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are a great way to do this. After scanning your QR code, they can be instantly directed to your review page. Customized QR codes, such as the one on this post, is a great way to reinforce your brand with your customer and clients.
Business owners should also consider having either a responsive website that will resize itself automatically to the mobile device being used or they need to setup a separate mobile site, to make it as easy as possible for mobile users to write their review and move on with their busy lives.
While the internet has had a significant impact on how companies today build their reputation within the industry, the influx of mobile devices has also influenced the way in which companies’ reputations are built.
By asking your mobile customers to read and post reviews, you can keep your company up-to-date with the latest technology.