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SchlüsselThere is no doubt that list segmentation leads to more sales. The reason segmentation helps up your sales is because it makes clients feel heard, and it makes your marketing job so much easier by creating smaller more targeted lists.
List segmentation means that you divide your subscribers into different groups, or segments, depending upon their behavior. Putting your subscribers into various different lists will increase your sales rate exponentially because you will be able to laser target your sales copy to appeal to a smaller share of your market.
Various email marketing software products, and/or autoresponder software such as Aweber, offer the ability to automate the process of list segmentation by giving you the option in the “back office” or set up area of the software to set up new subscribers into particular lists depending upon where they signed up, and also their purchasing behavior and then move those same subscribers after they have performed some other type of behavior such as buying, or clicking on a particular product to find out more information.
The way this works is this:  P=Prospect C=Client
Prospects — The new subscriber signs up to get more information on your subscription form that you placed on your website. Then your new subscriber is on list P. List P members are subscribers who have not yet bought your product, they are prospects(P). Since you know the people in the P list have not purchased from you yet, you can make sure that your copy to your prospects is written and worded differently from your copy to those who are already your customers.
Client — The prospect buys merchandise or information via a link on your site or via one of the  new subscriber newsletters or one of the emails that you send out to your prospects regularly. Once the prospect makes a purchase the autoresponder software automatically moves the P to the C list, which is the client list. Once your prospect is a client then you know to market to them completely different from how you would had they not made a purchase. Your emails to clients will focus on pulling them into the next step in your product funnel depending upon what they bought.
The important thing to remember to make segmentation really work is to make sure you market to these groups based on who the group is and do not be generic in your focus. Prospects are very different from clients, and they should know that you know they are different when you are marketing to them.
You can segment your subscribers in many ways, and you should. It’s not hard to do because your autoresponder software can do it for you. All you have to do is set this scenario up right away at the time that you create your first list or your first product. It is very important not to put this off because you will never regret it because segmenting your list will actually result in more sales further down your product funnel, thus enabling you to earn more money while working less.
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