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Things to Keep In Mind …

Accurate Search Results Drive Sales

We found that 77% of respondents to a poll about the State of Retail placed significant weight on a retailer’s visibility and accuracy across search and social media channels.The accuracy of your basic digital retail information should be an easy thing to manage, yet 71% of respondents reported experiencing inaccurate retail information when searching for a retail store. – Synup.com

Consumers Who Search Want to Buy

Approximately 88 percent of consumers searching for local businesses on mobile devices want to take an action—like visiting a store—within 24 hours. And internal data suggested that consumers visit digital profiles across sites like Google, Bing, Waze and Facebook five times more than they do corporate websites. – Engage121.com

Local Business Profiles Help Brand You

Brands need to pay closer attention to the content that appears associated with their local business profiles, especially because in the aggregate this cloud of photos, reviews, contact information and location details make up a big part of overall brand identity. – My Total Retail

Why Your Website Isn’t Enough

Your website is not where people are finding your business anymore. For every interaction that occurs on your website, four interactions are occurring on third-party listing sites, maps, apps, and review forums. – The Synpost

How Consumers Find Businesses
What Consumers Use to Choose Retailers
How Consumers Find Businesses

What Consumers Use to Choose Retailers

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