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If you are among those who try to push their brands with social media, you probably know that gaining active followers on Twitter and Facebook is much more difficult than it sounds. If you want to increase awareness of your business or website through social media, you need to be creative and daring. Here are the top strategies for social media optimization.

Be Engaging

It is rare that people go on to social media sites to find dry, clear-cut information. Instead, people primarily use these platforms for entertainment and community. They want to interact with others and hear daily scoops through various perspectives. The Twitter feeds that receive the least engagement from followers are those that are simply not entertaining. Because of this, social media marketing companies suggest that you should engage your followers with jokes, images, and witty dialogue. This has the added benefit of making your brand appear less as an object and more like an individual. In time, this will expand your number of followers in both the online and physical worlds.

Hold Contests

Holding contests has been an especially effective method of attracting a large number of followers among the video game industry. For example, if a gaming news site has a partnership with a developer, they may have access to a pre-release version of the game. With the proper permissions, the news site can raffle this game off to users that have retweeted a particular post. This rewards the news site’s followers for reading its content and also encourages others to follow the site. This strategy of using contests to attract followers can also work for a variety of industries, so it is certainly worth a shot.

Two-Way Communication

One of the most common mistakes made by people using social media is taking part in only one-way communication. These individuals create tweets and posts that deliver their information, but they do not interact with consumers directly. When businesses like and retweet some of the posts of their followers, the followers are encouraged to return the favor later on. Social media is like a conversation, so it does not work if only one person does all of the talking.

Include Social Media Widgets on Websites

By including icons on your websites that link visitors to social media pages, you can create a channel between various platforms. This encourages followers to spread your brand and the various messages associated with it.

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