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Do You Know if You are Getting Enough Brand Exposure?
How would you know if your online marketing efforts, such as SEO, are helping to boost your brand?
We all know that results from an SEO campaign takes time. But we also know that there are additional benefits to doing SEO – not just search engine rankings.

And this is the same for other digital marketing services.
There is a much more significant and long-term benefit to doing SEO, Local Buzz, Social Media Optimization, Pay per Click Advertising, Retargeting, Online Reputation Management, among many other online marketing services.
The problem is, how do we measure that benefit? And what is that benefit? Hmmm.
You are Not Alone.
Thousands and thousands of business owners are in the dark when it comes to measuring brand performance. Brand exposure, recognition, recall, and reputation— these are factors that translate to direct website visitors, returning visitors, customers, and loyal customers.
Without a way of measuring this, you will have no idea how much brand expansion you are achieving through your online marketing efforts.
You are in a Constant Race Against your Competitors for Brand Preference and Loyalty.
Momentarily slowing down your online marketing efforts could mean your competitors overtaking you and eating their dust.
Do you want your competitors to win the customers that should have been yours? And this is all because you didn’t have a clearer map of the race?
Unless you can see the bigger picture, you may miss opportunities to ramp up your campaigns and exploit avenues where your brand is more effective at connecting with your potential customers. You may miss the momentum of your brand expansion if you even decide to put a campaign on hold because you think it’s not performing as expected.
As a result, instead of growing your brand and sales exponentially, you may see them start to plateau. You may see them starting to slow down or decline. And when you decide to start again, your competitors may have already taken your place in your customers’ hearts and minds.
Let me explain.
The more you expose your brand online, the stronger it gets. And the more you pick up momentum for brand reach expansion.
In a racetrack, the faster and smoother you go (without stepping on the brakes unnecessarily), the more you are racing efficiently. You cover more track for every drop of fuel you burn than anybody else in the race.
Where is Your Brand Heading? You Need to See the Bigger Picture.
You need to see your brand’s performance with an effective presence tracking and website traffic metrics that we provide. You need to see how much your brand has been moving and expanding across the online world.
What do you need to see?
Here are the basics:

  • Referral Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Search Queries
  • Direct Traffic

Referral Traffic
If your website gets a lot of referral traffic, this means that people are reaching your website via external websites that link to yours.
Where does referral traffic come from? You could be getting this traffic from online directories your website is listed on. Referral traffic could also come from national or regional news sites, or news sites in your industry that have picked up your press releases or content and have placed links in their stories to your website. People could also be reviewing or recommending your business, products, and services by putting links to your website on their blogs. Lastly, people could be talking about your brand and linking to your website in online forums.
Social Traffic
Your social traffic comes from your social media accounts, such as your LinkedIn profiles and posts, Facebook profiles and posts, and your Twitter profiles and posts. Alternatively, social media users may have shared some of your content on their profiles, or may have linked to your website via their comments.
Search Queries
With our online presence tracking and website traffic metrics, you will see how many branded search queries you’ve been getting from the major search engines. Branded search queries are search queries that contain your brand name, company name, product or service names, and any terms or phrases that are associated with your business.
If nothing turns up yet, our technology will detect any search terms you’ve come up for in the search engines’ results even if it is in the 100th page of the search results. Our advanced online presence tracking and website traffic metrics will detect such search queries and track them on the fly.
Branded search queries indicate that people recall your brand name. Branded search queries also indicate that people are interested in your business, and are trying to look your business up in the major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo).
Direct Traffic
Direct traffic is a result of people typing in your domain name or website address directly onto the address bar of their web browsers.
Direct traffic indicates that people remember your website address. If they are typing your website address from memory, this means that they have seen it somewhere!
Direct traffic may come from people who saw your traditional ads—such as your print ads in newspapers and magazine, your billboards, or your brochures and flyers.
On the other hand, if you are not running any traditional advertising campaign, then your direct traffic is the result of your online marketing campaigns. People have clicked a link leading to your website on a search engine result, on a blog post or blog comment, on a local directory, on a social media profile or post, or on a promo link.
You made such an impact on them when they were browsing your website—with your awesome content, articles, and videos; your attractive promos; as well as your overall branding—that they’ve returned to your website by directly typing your website address. They may even have bookmarked it! What’s more, they may have passed along your website address—“brand.com”—to their colleagues, friends, and family.
An increase in your direct traffic indicates that your brand reach has expanded beyond links, search engine results, and referrals. A marked increase in your direct traffic also indicates that you are now getting word of mouth referrals, and that your brand is being remembered by customers and prospects.
Hence, if you continue to build and optimize your brand with us, it may well be on its way to your customers’ and potential customers’ hearts.
Online marketing and branding is not just about dominating the online world; neither is it just about dominating search results. It is about winning the hearts of your target market.
What to Do
You want to race ahead of your competitors in the online marketing terrain, right? Of course you do!
While you focus on reaching the prize, we’ll give you a bird’s-eye view of your online marketing and website performance, as well as your brand expansion through our advanced online presence tracking and website traffic metrics tool.
So while you’re racing ahead at 100 MPH, we’ll provide you with the dashboard that will display your brand expansion intelligence.
Call or email us for a free consultation on our advanced Online Presence Tracking and Traffic Metrics System.