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Attention Brands, Bloggers, & Pinners!
The old saying still holds true, that there is always room for improvement. Assuming you do not have over 60k followers already, you most likely would like to increase your following. Within 10 minutes you can improve your Pinterest profile and interaction! You may even be able to do it in less time if you already have the area covered.
Keep it Easy
People tend to search for simple words or phrases first. Not everyone has the creative mind you do. So, name your boards simply and not too creatively. Not that you can’t have fun, just keep it simple and down to 1 or 2 words.
Stay Organized and Exciting
Make sure you update your boards and keep what is most relevant at the top. Christmas boards need to be at the top at Christmas, and so forth. This also applies to seasons and with what is relevant to your company or current topics.
Having your boards in the wrong category can be frustrating for followers. Not only can you hurt your Pinterest SEO, you could also be removed from search engines altogether! Keep your boards organized within their own category. If you have a specific genre stick all the boards having to do with that genre together. You wouldn’t’ want to go to a category on ‘Baking’ only to find boards about building cars.
Don’t be afraid to change your board covers every so often though. It keeps things looking new and exciting!
Sshhhh! Keeping it Secret
Creating a secret board gives you a chance to try out new ideas without making them public right away. It also gives you a chance to get your thoughts together. It can be fun to just try out new features too! You may not ever actually post the board but this way you have gained some experience.
A secret board is also good for testing. Sometimes images that may have worked well on a website don’t transfer well to a pin. Secret boards can also help to avoid embarrassing or confusing board posts.
Leave & Delete
One of the most important things you can do is get rid of clutter. Any board that you have less than 25 pins and you don’t regularly update with new pins – delete. No one is checking it and your board looks unmanned! You don’t want to run the risk of looking stagnant!
Leave any group you no longer love and contribute to regularly. You want to look fresh and appear that you have purpose.
Last but not least, copy your Pinterest widget’s code. (click on the “<>” button). By keeping an updated copy you can add it to every blog post or email blast. This way your updated board is seen and easily accessible to all your fans!
In 10 easy minutes or less your board will be buzzing and looking fresh!
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