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You may have heard something about joint venture giveaways. Most people who have participated in one probably talk about the unbelievable benefits. That’s all well and good, but you have to know where you can find them before you can participate.
Joint venture giveaways are events promoted by lots of joint venture partners. The goal is to build their lists as they give away free products and services to members that sign up. These ventures can include big name Internet marketers as well as the novice marketer all in one place. It is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to grow their business.

Finding Joint Venture Partners

Many joint venture giveaways are invitation only events. One way to get invited is to find joint venture partners of your own. The more people you know within your niche, the better your chances are of catching the eye of the right person who can give you access and an invitation to these events.
One place you can find JV partners is on ClickBank. ClickBank is a marketplace where you can find many affiliate programs who are looking for affiliates and joint venture partners. For digital product business owners, you can list your products here. You can also see who else is selling within your niche but in a non-competitive way. You can build your list of potential joint venture partners here.

Networking your Way to a JV Giveaway

If you are interested in participating in a joint venture giveaway, and most of us are, start by networking! Get to know other people in your niche through networking, forums and participating in existing joint venture giveaways. Make a note of the contributors and introduce yourself. While networking has a different platform for online businesses, it is still a highly effective way to get what you want!
You can also do a search using keywords such as “joint venture giveaways.” Scan the results to find JV partners who are offering open invitations to the event. Sign up and be sure to follow the giveaway rules. Once your name starts to get out there, you’ll find more invitations to contribute to joint venture giveaways in your mailbox!
If your business or industry has a special event, anniversary or other reason to celebrate, consider organizing your own joint venture giveaway. Through your business associations, you can find other partners willing to lend their name and offer a free product for members to download. As an added benefit, you increase your credibility among your joint venture partners.
One thing for certain, if you want to participate or contribute to a joint venture giveaway you have to be visible! Network, form alliances and associations and get to know other individuals and leaders in your niche or industry. The more often you or your business is seen, and considered an authority, the more likely you are to receive those coveted JV giveaway invitations.