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Panda Rolling Out Slow
Google has launched Panda 4.2 and now we have some questions creeping up. Google has gone ahead and, thankfully, answered some of these questions.
One of which is why Panda is being launched so slow this time around and how this may impact the rest of us. Google is saying they are having their own technical issues that are causing such a slow rollout rather than to simply frustrate SEO and webmasters.
For the rest of us however, this could mean months before we really see whether Panda 4.2 will have a positive or negative impact. It also means the different pages themselves may show the impact at different times. Therefore, some pages may drop off while others may stand strong – at least for a while.
So, Is Panda Site-Wide or Not?
The answer to this question is yes. Panda 4.2 is site-wide however, some pages may be more negatively affected than others. Google search rankings depend on over 200 signals and Panda is only one of those 200+.
As with SEO ranking is determined on many factors. This will be the same with how your pages are affected. While Panda 4.2 may hit your page, it could be saved if it ticks off a majority of the other factors. These positive page-level signals can override Panda’s hit to some extent.
When Am I Safe?
Good question!
If you end up on Google Panda hit list, you really will not know the full impact until the entire rollout is finished. This could take months or it could take until the next update, which is likely in 2016. Best-case scenario is that Google is able to accomplish what they are hoping in integrating Panda into their core algorithms. Even though the changes would be continuous, they wouldn’t be in real time. The good news is if they are able to get this done then we could see another update faster than 2016.
Watch your analytics! If you are already faithful to keep track of your analytics – great! If not, this is a good excuse to start. Take note of your organic traffic and keep an eye out for any major changes. Your next move would be to keep your ear to the ground or rather the Google community for any upcoming updates.
What Can I Do?
Your best bet is to start now and make improvements. You can always head over to this article which points out some ways to update your website. Your next step if this seems overwhelming is find a knowledgeable SEO specialist and make sure they are familiar with this rollout. Get yourself optimized and make sure you are not offending Google in any obvious ways at the very least.
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