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Will You Be Among The Banned?
Perhaps you have heard of the growing concern about sites soon to be banned by Google over spam issues. Thankfully, there is help for your site. Moz’s Spam Score has finally gone live to help keep you in the clear. You may already be working hard on your SEO.
Wouldn’t it be a shame if you passed up this important check and ended up at the bottom of the search pile?
Avoiding the Worst Case Scenario
The worst case scenario is that Google’s algorithms tag you and you are banned from Google. The slightly softer side is that you are penalized and sunk into the depths of Google. Either one of these scenarios can be a dire consequence for your (once was) growing business.
Thankfully, Moz has done the work for us! They have researched what Google is looking for and developed the metrics to help. In order to not offend the Google gods, Moz has developed a scoring system. This scoring system tracks down roughly 17 specific “spam flags” that Google seems to tag most.
Now your site can be given a score that will basically reflect how many flags your site may be sending up. Nothing specific could get you disciplined by Google, per say. The thought is that the more flags – the more likely you are to face the worst case scenario.
Spam Analysis & Careful SEO
Moz’s “Spam Analysis” is focused on subdomains. It’s a rare thing to find link spam knotted up with pages or root domains. There is a lot of detail letting you know why there is a flag and where it is coming from.
Even with all these tools and with the future improvements that Moz has planned, there is only so much a program can do. Still, this is a great place to filter through and sort links. Good ole’ fashion know-how and discretion is essential. The site also offers a Disavow File tool so you can continue to sift through and eliminate offending links.
Spam Score won’t catch every little thing!
Don’t Get Lost In The Shuffle!
If you have not had all the experience in the world with SEO, but you have been making a gallant effort, you may have gotten yourself into some trouble without realizing it. By using the disavow tool you could repair your relationship with Google. By being proactive you could avoid being penalized altogether.
Better yet, find someone who is experienced to fix up your site if necessary. This way you don’t have to worry about losing your good standing!
Read More: http://moz.com/blog/spam-score-mozs-new-metric-to-measure-penalization-risk
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