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There are many things you can do to get ready for a Joint Venture Giveaway even before receiving your first invitation. As a contributor to a joint venture giveaway, you can expect to receive a significant increase in traffic to your website as well as general discussion about you and your product. Put your best foot forward!
Preparing your product and getting your website ready are two very important steps for preparing to participate in joint venture giveaways.

Your Website

The first impression a lead will get about you is from your website. You can take steps now to prepare your site so you “Wow” visitors from the start. An incomplete or poorly put together website will discourage people from signing up for your giveaway and you will have missed an opportunity.
The three elements you will want to have in place are:

  1. Landing Page
  2. Autoresponder/Email Marketing Program
  3. Download Page

Landing Page. A landing page is the website page where JV giveaway participants will read about you and your product, then enter the information that you request. It’s important to provide just enough information to hook the reader but not so much to overwhelm. Your ultimate goal is to get their name and email address so you can communicate with them in the future and hopefully turn them into a customer.
Autoresponder. An autoresponder is an email delivery service that can collect the name and email address of your visitor and automatically send them an email from you. You will use your autoresponder service to create your opt-in box as well as deliver email to your lead. Good autoresponder services, such as Aweber, will take you through the process step-by-step. They can help you to set up your opt-in form and integrate it into your landing page. Autoresponders also make it easy to follow up with your list, after the event is over, through a series of informative emails.
Download Page. This is the page that participants will be directed to after they submit their information. This will also be the page where they download their free gift. These are just like any other page on your website.
Some people offer one-time deals at this point. On this page, you may include another button to purchase the one-time offer or continue on to the download page. One-time offers are a way for contributors to earn money from the promotion.
With all of your basics and bells and whistles in place, you are ready for the JV giveaway event to start. There are software products out there to help you accomplish all of these things so you can be ready to shine at the giveaway event.

Your Product

What do you have to use as a giveaway? The time to prepare your giveaway is before you receive an invitation to contribute. If nothing comes to mind, search private label rights stores for ideas and products. You can use brandable products that you have purchased and employ resell rights. If you create the product yourself, it will be more reflective of your own business. For Internet businesses that manage membership sites, offering free memberships is a draw to get folks to fill out your opt-in page. Or ask someone to interview you and record it. Having a product ready will make the entire joint venture much easier and more enjoyable for you.
Think outside the box. Go for that unique product others will find hard to resist. What have you seen at other JV giveaway events? Is there an idea you think you can improve on and market as your own? Pull out all the stops for the event.
If you have a graphics program, put it to good use. You will need a picture of your product for the event. This way, others can see and read a description of what you are offering them if they sign up as members for the event.
Joint venture giveaways are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to build your list and grow your business. Start preparing for success today!