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  As a busy business owner, you shouldn’t have to wear more hats than you can manage — especially with so many freelancers available to help with both ordinary and out-of-the-ordinary tasks that may come your way. And regardless of whether you’re looking for short- or- long-term help to boost your business, you can find the unique expertise you need in a software developer, link builder, cyber security professional, spreadsheet specialist, and/or accountant. 

These freelancers can help you with everything from building a mobile app to choosing the right legal structure when getting your business up and running for the first time. The following advice will help you to find the unique help you need, so read on!  

Software Developers

  If you’re looking to build or revamp your business website, launch a mobile app, start an ecommerce store, or design another type of computer system, a freelance software developer could be an excellent addition to your team.  

Software developers have the skills needed to tackle everything from designing and building new computer systems to debugging and updating your existing software. Plus, software development can help to boost sales, increase engagement with customers, and help your business to stay ahead of the competition.  

Link Builders

  To boost your search engine rankings and drive traffic to your business website, you’ll need to put in the time to develop and implement a successful link building strategy — and a freelance link builder can do it all for you. Link builders can help your business with the following types of tasks:  

  • Performing keyword research for search engine optimization (SEO) 
  • Creating SEO-optimized content, including blog posts, videos, and infographics 
  • Adding your business to relevant online directories 
  • Performing link building outreach through email, social media, your professional network, and partnership with influencers 

To take your digital presence even further, KAFE Digital Marketing offers services in digital marketing, search engine optimization, website development, and more.  

Cyber Security Professionals

  To protect your business from cyber attacks, viruses, spyware, and other online security threats, you need a freelance cyber security professional. In the event of a security attack, the reputation of your business could suffer — and you could lose trust in your clients and employees. However, a freelance cyber security professional can help you with everything from installing and activating firewalls, securing wireless networks and access points, setting up web browser filters, and encrypting any sensitive business information.  

Spreadsheet Specialists

  Whether you’re looking for a freelance professional to assist you with data entry or adjusting your Google and Excel spreadsheets, you can find what you need in a spreadsheet specialist. Some spreadsheet experts specialize in Google Sheets, while others are skilled in Microsoft Excel — so you’ll want to look for the right type of freelancer for your business needs. Some of the unique projects spreadsheet specialists can help with include:  

  • Converting PDFs into Excel, Word, or Google documents.  
  • Converting Google Sheets into Microsoft Excel documents, and vice versa.  
  • Creating formulas in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.  
  • Analyzing spreadsheet data. 
  • Creating macros in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.  

If you’re looking for a freelancer who can help with basic spreadsheet tasks — in addition to other things like scheduling appointments, reading and responding to emails, and filing business data electronically — a freelance administrative assistant could be a better fit for you. Other admin professionals to consider include freelance virtual assistants, email handlers, typists, and data miners.  


  If you’re just getting your business up and running without a whole lot of money to spare, a freelance accountant can help you to reduce startup costs, open a business bank account, track your expenses, maintain your accounting system, and bring on other freelancers and independent contractors when you’re ready to do so.  

The Balance notes your freelance accountant can also help you to determine whether a limited liability company (LLC) is the right business structure for you — as LLCs offer tax advantages, a simple filing process, and greater flexibility in how business profits are distributed amongst owners. But depending on your specific situation, a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation could be a better business structure for you. 

While freelance accountants can be of great help when forming an LLC, business law attorneys are another type of freelancer you may consider working with. By using an online business formation service instead of hiring a lawyer, however, you can avoid paying costly attorney fees — as many LLCs can be started without legal assistance. Just remember to check your local regulations before getting started, as many business formation requirements vary by state.  

How to Hire These 5 Freelancers 

  If you’re ready to boost your business with help from these five out-of-the-ordinary freelancers, you can easily find the assistance you need online. The experts at Business.com recommend using online job boards like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com to find what you’re looking for — along with other remote employment websites like FlexJobs.com and RemoteWorkHub.com. Toptal is another great place to look for quality talent, as the website is much more restrictive in the companies and freelancers it works with.  

Once you’ve assembled your team of freelancers, you’ll need to learn how to best manage them remotely. If face-to-face communication is important to you, you could schedule regular video calls via Zoom or Skype. Slack is another great communication tool for businesses, especially if you’re looking to keep your conversations and files in one easily accessible location. Tools like Trello and Mavenlink, however, can help you and your freelancers to manage projects and stay on task. And while it can take some time to get in the swing of working with freelancers if you’re used to communicating with employees in a face-to-face setting, video conferencing software and online business tools can help you to ensure that you’re getting the best possible results from your new freelance team. 

Building a freelance team can be daunting, but with the right people in place, you can optimize your company’s success. Look to the above five roles to help your business prosper. 

To develop a plan of action that will stay true to your vision, connect with the experts at KAFE Digital Marketing by calling 570-431-9593 or emailing contact@kafedigitalmarketing.com. 


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