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Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms in order to reflect on the changing habits of consumers. Recent studies have shown that consumers using desktop and laptop computers have different search habits than those who use mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads to do their website browsing. To boost your healthcare service company’s rankings, an SEO company in Philadelphia can use images that you provide to help increase traffic and boost conversions from people who visit your mobile website.

Types of Images to Use for SEO
As a provider of natural and alternative healthcare services, you may get a lot of questions about what you do. In many cases, a photo is a better descriptor than a long paragraph of words. Use images that show the essence of your services, such as a foot reflexology treatment or a chiropractic adjustment. By providing these high-quality images to your web site designing company, your organic search rankings should go up. If you do not have your own images, you can look to free stock photo websites or pay to use images produced by digital artists.

Use Strong File Names

The file names used for the images on your website are important. An SEO company can help you to use keywords that visitors to your website are likely to use. If you are an acupuncturist in New York City, then the SEO company might suggest using keywords and key phrases such as “acupuncture treatment” or “acupuncture NYC.” Using your location and a strong keyword or key phrase helps people to find your business faster.

Choose Strong Anchor Text

After making sure that the images on your website match the subject matter, you will need to use strong anchor text. The anchor text is a short but accurate description of what is in the image. This piece of text is tied into the image by the website design professionals. If you choose to include a photo of a hot stone massage on your services page, you could have the website designers use anchor text that names the service type and one of its benefits, such as “relaxing” or “calming.”

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