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There are many benefits to participating in a Joint Venture (JV) giveaway.
The biggest benefits are the opportunity to build your list, expand your community and generate leads for your business. Both participants and contributors to JV events reap huge rewards.

Joint Venture Giveaway Participants

Participants sign up to get free products at the event. To receive your free products, you will most likely be required to opt-in for that person’s email list or newsletter. Some benefits to JV participants are:

  • Access to free products and memberships that otherwise you would have to pay for or may never learn about. Many JV giveaway goodies are created specifically for the giveaway and are not available anywhere else.
  • You can build your business. As a participant you may gain access to brandable products, PLR content, learning tools and more that can build up your website and increase your sales as a result.
  • Generate ideas. By participating and seeing what other entrepreneurs or businesses have to offer, you may generate ideas of your own for new products, services or ways to do business as a whole.

Joint Venture Giveaway Contributors

Contributors are joint venture partners who offer a product for free. The benefits of being a contributor include:

  • List building is the main point of this exercise. You may have struggled to get 100 names before, but with other joint venture partners promoting the event just like you, your business can end up getting ten times that many names throughout the course of the event.
  • Your quality of leads is much better than you could get in the same amount of time on your own. Depending on the business names associated with the event, your list may be stellar.
  • You can promote your business through your free products. What you offer can have something to do with your business. For example, if you include a free eBook, load it with your affiliate links and also links to your own website. Now, when we say load we don’t mean stuff it full of nothing but promotions. Provide value in what you contribute otherwise people will unsubscribe as quick (or quicker) than they signed up in the first place.
  • Bonus profit is yours with one-time offers. When the members opt-in, you can include a limited offer on the landing page that they can take advantage of right then and there for a reduced price. Be sure to check the giveaway rules as some do not allow offers directly on your download page. If this is the case, provide them information about your products in the autoresponder follow up series. You did set up a follow up series, right?

There are benefits to being both a participant and a contributor in joint venture giveaway events. Try it both ways for greater success.