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Catch Their Eye in the Pinterest DIY & Crafts Section

It’s not enough to just have a great idea. Much like real estate is about location, great ideas are all about presentation. Seeing a polished finished product is great but a much greater impact can be made by seeing a masterpiece in the process of being finished. Imagine if you could have been present when Michelangelo was applying that final brush stroke to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!
Maybe you or your audience aren’t the next Michelangelo of papier-mâché, but the thrill of seeing a work in action still leaves an impression. Here are a couple tips and tricks to get your audience’s attention and keeping them coming back for more.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Photography is essential to reach your audience. It’s the very first thing that grabs their attention. If too much is going on in the picture they will miss the point or get confused. You don’t want to lose them before they have tried your great idea. It doesn’t matter if your DIY or craft is useful or simply artistic having a great shot can make all the difference.
Another attention grabber is the personal touch. Get up close when capturing those crafts that represent those precious moments. Soften the lighting and keep the focus on the project and the picture free from clutter. For the sentimental or memory DIY or craft you don’t need the action shot. The finished project is more important. You want to elicit an emotion with this type of project.
There are many types of projects and you have to tailor your photos to both the type of board and your audience. If you want to bring in an emotion maybe even include a grandparent or a child (or both). If it’s a general project an up close action shot with bright colors can be exciting and make the reader feel inspired. Enlighten and inspire and you will have faithful followers repining daily.

Application & Resources for Pinterest

  • Check out this example of a personal memory craft  found on Pinterest with 4571 Repins
  • Go to this link on Pinterest to see an action craft photo with 5486 Repins

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