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Email customized iconYou’ve worked hard on getting your autoresponder system set up. You’ve crafted wonderful emails to go out to your list on certain days depending up the time of sign up. You’ve built your list and now you are sitting there wondering :

  • What now?
  • Why isn’t anyone opening the emails?
  • When they do open them why aren’t they clicking on anything?

There could be many issues to consider. Below are a few thoughts that may get your subscribers to read and take action on your email.
Educate your subscribers —Tell new subscribers exactly what is going to happen. Educate them on what to expect from joining your list. Tell them how often they will hear from you, the email address they should white list, and any other information you think that will inform your subscribers on what to expect from you. Then stick to it.
Segment your list — Nothing is worse than getting the same emails over and over again about a product you already bought. Eventually you set up a rule to just automatically delete the emails or you unsubscribe from the list, right? You do it too!  If you segment your list better you will avoid this problem. You will be able to target your email copy right to the people you want to based on which list they are on. The great thing is that it’s simple to set up these rules in your autoresponder.
Have a call to action — You really do need to tell people what to do. What action to take. Click here now to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  Don’t miss out! This offer only lasts three more days! You get the idea.  If you don’t ask for the sale, you’ll rarely get it. So ask. Just be nice about it.
Personalize subject lines — Today you can personalize your subject lines in your emails with your subscribers name as well as the name of your topic of the newsletter. This is a great thing to do because your email will stand out from the other generic “sent to all” emails that your subscribers get by the hundreds.
Call out inactive subscribers — I don’t mean to yell at them, but specifically mention inactive subscribers and tell them what they are missing by not participating, reading, or buying your product. Ask them how you can do better, tell them you value their feedback and ask for their feedback.
Sensationalize subject lines — Create subject lines that are different from your ordinary subject lines that mention something personal, or speak directly to the targeted segmented list and you will see more opens, and hopefully if you’ve worded your email right, more action.
Test.Test.Test — You’re probably learning that in this Internet marketing world you must test, evaluate, and test again each campaign and this includes your email marketing to your subscribers whether they are prospects or clients. If something is not working, or not working good enough, change one small thing, then evaluate it again. Eventually you will hit upon the secret sauce that makes your PayPal account really happy.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ideagirlmedia