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Facebook ABCsAs a business owner, you can’t afford to let the Facebook marketing train pass you by. With over 800 million users, Facebook is a power that demands to be reckoned with, and used for marketing purposes. It just makes sense.
With your target market undoubtedly using Facebook to connect with friends and family and to find information on their favorite bands, brands, products and services, you owe it to yourself to get started with Facebook marketing as soon as possible. Don’t know how to get started? You came to the right place. The following 7 tips will get you started so that you can be well on your way to Facebook marketing success.

1. Create Your Business Page

Facebook makes it very easy to create a basic Facebook business page for marketing purposes. You simply follow the on-screen instructions until your page is live. You will want to add at least one high-quality photo (preferably your business logo or a shot of your store front) and you will want to describe your business as best you can.

2. Use All Available Space

Facebook business pages give you space to list a description of your business, your hours of operation, a description of your products and services, you’re allowed multimedia and much more. Use all of it. When your fans click on your page to learn more about you and your business, you want to give them exactly what they want.

3. Find Fans

Once your page is live, do a search for like-minded people. You may have current customers or clients that are on Facebook. Send them a friend request and ask them to spread the word. You’ll soon have a healthy fan list that keeps on coming, as long as you play your Facebook marketing cards right.

4. Don’t Sell, Share!

Don’t just post your offers over and over again. Post industry-specific news and updates, ask questions of your audience, post quizzes, link to funny photos and videos that have to do with your business and so on. The idea is to be social, not just to be a salesperson. Don’t annoy your fans, interact with them!

5. Get Involved In The Conversation

Go on your fans’ pages and start posting on their photos and posts. Answer industry-relevant questions that reveal you as an expert in your field. Let your fans know that they can come to you for their own questions about your business. Soon, your fans will want to learn much more about you and what you do.

6. Keep Up With Facebook Marketing

You won’t succeed with Facebook marketing unless you post on a regular basis. Don’t give up if you don’t see success right away. Keep at it and you’ll soon see that success comes naturally when you are honest and transparent with your audience.

7. Use Insights

You can’t know what you’re doing right unless you view and test the metrics. Facebook Insights, the inherent analytics program built into the platform, will show you what your audience is responding to and what they’re not. Use that information to test and improve your Facebook marketing campaigns and you will go far.

Facebook DIYers

We’d love to help you get your Facebook marketing campaign setup and launched, but we understand that some business owners like to be “hands-on”. If that sounds like you, then this free report on the “Biggest Facebook Marketing Mistakes” will be quite useful. If’ you’d like to plunge a little deeper, then check out this self-study course – complete with mindmaps, charts and more.
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