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Because market trends and customer preferences change all the time, your social media optimization (SEO) strategy should also be evolving. Many businesses set a strategy and leave it at that, making it outdated over time. This can then lead to a drop in search engine ranking and loss of new potential customers. If you think you’re online presence is getting stagnant, it’s probably because of your old SEO strategy. There are signs that can tell you it’s time for your SEO company in Philadelphia to come up with a fresh action plan.
A Shift in Search Position
Wondering why your search engine ranking dropped from first to fifth page? If so, your current SEO strategy is no longer working. This could be because the trend in keywords and keyword phrases in your niche is changing, but you’re still relying on the old ones. Once you see a drop in ranking, don’t take it for granted. Find out the reason why and do something about it.

Lack in Mobile Search Efforts
Because more and more people now prefer smartphones over desktop and laptop computers, you need to update your website and SEO strategy as well. A desktop-friendly web site may not be that effective anymore as you may now have to focus more on mobile search. This way, you can reach customers who search using their mobile devices more than their computers.

Weak Online Engagement
Just because you’re always posting an update on your web site and other social media platforms doesn’t mean you’re engagement is high. If you’re producing content but still lacks the number of link backs, there’s probably a need to improve your SEO strategy. Social media influencers such as popular brands and sites should be convinced to recommend your content by creating content that link back to yours. If this doesn’t happen, your web site may remain stagnant despite lots of content.

Once you notice any of these signs or as long as you start doubting your SEO strategy, it’s time to review it. All these may sound confusing, especially if you’re not that savvy about this aspect of online marketing; however, you can get help from an experienced SEO firm in PA to do the job for you.

5 Signs You Need to Revisit Your SEO Strategy
5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy