WordPress Maintenance Packages

It’s time to start improving your website and online presence to increase sales. And that’s where we come in.

Our hourly packages do not expire. We are available to do tasks as you need them, when you need them until we’ve used up all of the hours you’ve booked.


Is This For Me?

If you own a website then the answer is YES!

Just as your car needs regular tune-ups to keep running smoothly, so does your website. Without regular updates to themes and plug-ins your site can crash.

If you don’t optimize your images and videos your website’s speed will drop and nobody likes a slow website.

If you’re wondering why you aren’t being seen on Google it could be because the sign posts that search engines look for are outdated or missing.


What Else Can You Do?

We can do quarterly tasks like:
Review website – what could be improved?
Review and tweak meta title and meta description tags
Test the website to ensure that it looks and displays properly on the most popular browsers and mobile devices


What Can I Ask You To Do?

We can do weekly tasks like:
Check and fix broken links
Check for 404 errors and resolve these by fixing links or redirecting
Update core website software and plugins
We can do monthly tasks like:
Check website loading speed.
Review your local search visibility
Check website loading speed.
Yearly tasks like:
Update the copyright date in your website footer and in any other references
Review each page of the site for content accuracy


How Do We Track Your Time?

Here’s what we do: